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Thermal curtain test winner

Unfortunately, there is neither a Thermogardine test nor a corresponding test winner on the part of the test institute. However, if you are looking for other ways to stop draughts entering your apartment on the sides of your window frames, look for profile seals. There is self-adhesive sealing tape made of foam in the retail trade, which can help with draughts.

The most well-known manufacturers and brands of thermal curtains

Thermal curtain yourself?
With a little skill and a good sewing machine, you can sew a thermal curtain according to your wishes.

Cheap thermal curtains can be found either in the offer at Aldi or Lidl, in furniture stores or at interior designer as well as in curtain shops. But you can also choose from a wide range of products on the Internet. These brands are the best known and perform well in thermal curtain tests:

Thermogardine House and Decoration
Curtain box

FAQ on the topic of thermal curtains
Thermoroll blinds are particularly worthwhile in winter and summer, especially for skylights.

What is the best way to clean a thermal curtain?
To do this, pay attention to the manufacturer's label. Some curtains are only allowed to be washed cold, others up to 40 degrees in the washing machine.

What do I have to pay particular attention to when attaching a thermal curtain?
Since thermal curtains are usually quite heavy, make sure that the curtain rod with good dowels hangs firmly on the wall. Then you can comfortably hang your thermal curtain on eyelets or loops on it.

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